Hail and Shine

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been having some seriously weird weather out my way.

I went into town at around about 10:30, perfectly sunny day. After doing all the usual crap you do in town… spending $60 on prescriptions I had to get for dad etc, I came home at around about 12pm and it seemed that it was a bit dark and cloudy but you could see it breaking not too far off into the distance.

As soon as I go inside this:

starts happening! Followed by huge amounts of thunder and lightning. This was accompanied by myself rushing inside and unplugging my precious MBP from the power (The Dell’s blow up on me twice in thunder already, third time means I get a new computer :P) and this was followed my mum yelling that there was “fire” coming from the cordless phone. Turns out the surge had blow it up, leaving us without any phone until I managed to find the old touch tone thing.

After about 30 minutes, it cleared and the rest of day was nice and sunny. I wonder if it’s fair to blame all of this on global warming! Haha, after all, it DID snow the other day :S

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