Well that was a waste of paper…

The HSC is a waste (of paper) I tells you! I’ve accumulated sooo much crap over the course of these last two years I thought I might highlight the fact that many trees probably died to put me through school.

Here! I took some photos and did some really quick stats in a spreadsheet.. data is pretty amazing…

Ludicrous amount of paper... just to revise maths

Textbooks! Yay! Good thing I didn't have to carry these all the time, just some of them..

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New toy: EOS 500D

So after complaining about my camera for aggesss in a bit of a impulse buy, my parents bought me a Canon EOS 500D DSLR 🙂 Woot!

We actually bought two cameras. Dad got the 1000D on the right and I got the 500D on the left. Good day to be THAT sales girl, wonder what her commission was (not to mention the other stuff we bought off her)

These two have become the bestest of buddies! I’ve also found this cool program that lets you control your camera via your computer, you can save to PC, open up Live View, view histograms. Going to take that for a test run when the clouds clear up at night.


I’ve just downloaded the beta for Firefox 4, it’s quite good actually. But look! How could one NOT love Firefox 4!! The little guy is just so damn cute!