Well that was a waste of paper…

The HSC is a waste (of paper) I tells you! I’ve accumulated sooo much crap over the course of these last two years I thought I might highlight the fact that many trees probably died to put me through school.

Here! I took some photos and did some really quick stats in a spreadsheet.. data is pretty amazing…

Ludicrous amount of paper... just to revise maths

Textbooks! Yay! Good thing I didn't have to carry these all the time, just some of them..

Read on (otherwise the main page gets too long)!!

And the money shots:

Yep, that's right, it stacked up to 87cm!

Now I did some quick calculations to see just how much paper was used. I assumed that:

  • White A4 paper with a weight of 80gsm (this gives each page a weight of 5g)
  • White A4 lines paper with a weight of 60gsm (each page a weight of 3.75g)
  • 60% A4 blank and 40% A4 lined
  • Did not take into account weight of ink
  • Average weight of an empty folder is 400g (the folders were mostly of the same brand)



So all up, ~5600 pages! And an area of 352sqm (or an 18mx18m square). And 25kg worth of paper. Not a bad effort for two years?

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