Australia Day Wedding (4/52)

Nothing like a wedding in between summer school classes to give you a break. And it was quite amazing if I do say so myself – in a little country church. Nothing better.

Clearly the theme was pink
Clearly the theme was pink
The cake is a lie! Well, not quite.
The cake is a lie! Well, not quite.

A Massive Rubber… (2/52)

… duck!

We all got excited for the 15m tall rubber ducky that entered into Darling Harbour. So of COURSE I was down there taking photos! This one ended up have a instragram-esque filter slapped on it.

Here’s to hoping that none of my readers have Anatidaephobia.

"Quack, quack. Bow down your new cute ducky overlords"
“Quack, quack. Bow down your new  ducky overlords. Tremble at my cuteness mere humans”

A New Year. A New Resolution.

So it’s a new year and I thought that I might start with a new resolution to actually publish stuff to this blog. My goal is to go out and shoot at least once a week and update this once a week be it an iPhone photo or actually going out and going for a photowalk. We’ll see how that goes over the course of the semester though.

UPDATE: Because I’m so indecisive I’ve decided that I might do more than one photo a week 🙂 Yay!