Royal Easter Show (13/52)

Crazy amounts of work happening so the best I’ve managed is yet another iPhone photo. As Chase Jarvis says the best camera is the one you have with you.

Something went a little off when I exported this photo, looks a bit weird to me. Aperture isn’t my main program that I use so I’m not quite sure what was going on – I just use Aperture because of the amazing integration Apple provides with Photo Stream.

Lining up one by one

Darling Harbour (12/52)

Photo for this week (yay, back to one photo) was actually taken on my iPhone while I was waiting down at Darling Harbour and got bored. I think it turned out alright.

Had to wait for just that right moment for the bird to come into the frame
Had to wait for just that right moment for the bird to come into the frame

Chopsticks Camp 2013 (11/52)

And back out I go to the Blue Mountains. But this time for the annual Chopsticks Camp! And what’s Chopsticks camp without a little bit of fun competition?

Team Metal (my team!! Woot!! Go Team Metal!!) winning the piggy back races
Some good ol’ noodley fun

Week 2 Strike (10/52)

Well what an eventful week, right after O-Week, the NTEU agreed to hold a 24hr strike over the new enterprise agreement that the university wants them to sign. Of course I rocked up with a camera. Here’s a collection of photos.IMG_7035 IMG_7036

Senator Doug Cameron was there to add his weight behind the combined forces of the NTEU and CPSU
Even pulled out the bane of the world cup, the vuvuzela, on the march up Eastern Avenue


USYD O-Week 2013 (9/52)

Made it back to Sydney just in time for O-Week, the start of the university calendar and always great fun. And my plan of one photo a week hasn’t exactly worked out to plan so have four!

You can always rely on SASS to provide something milding amusing
It’s Benny Davis! Project 52@Hermans
These guys – SURCAS – are really cool and I wish I had some better gear to have shot this, I just came across them on my way to Manning
And it wouldn’t be a USYD O-Week without PhotoSoc and rain!