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Update 2015: Hey guys, I’m still amazed that I get traffic to these pages, clearly these resources have been helpful for a lot of people and that was always my intention when I uploaded these to start with. So many people uploaded their own stuff when I did my HSC that I thought I should do the same. Having said that, I no longer keep an eye on this page, the content that I have uploaded here is all I have, I have since had 3 new computers since my HSC and the original files are probably lost somewhere. Good luck in all your exams!


General Study/Revision

English Summary Notes

Hamlet CSSA Essay Questions

CSSA 2010 Trial Paper 1 Answers

CSSA 2010 Trial Paper 2 Hamlet

MHS 2010 Trial Paper 1

Area of Study (Belonging)

Immigrant Chronicle Poems (DMCA Takedown)

Brave New World Written (Part A)

Brave New World Oral (Part B)

Dreams From My Father (Extract/Analysis) – Barack Obama


Hamlet Essay – Revenge Tragedy

English Feature Article September 11


Economics Summary Notes

Economic Growth and Unemployment


MHS 2010 Gen Maths Trial


Crime Assignment A

Crime Assignment B


MHS 2010 2U AT4

9xQ1’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ2’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ3’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ4’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ5’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ6’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ7’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ8’s (Trial Papers)

9xQ9&10’s (Trial Papers)

Western Region 2005 Trial Solutions

Western Region 2007 Trial Paper

Western Region 2007 Trial Solutions

Western Region 2009 Trial Paper

Western Region 2009 Trial Solutions


Mudgee High School 2010 Assessment Task 4

Western Region 2007 Trial Paper

Western Region 2007 Trial Solutions

Western Region 2009 Trial Paper

Western Region 2009 Trial Solutions


Physics Summary Notes

Prescribed Focus Areas (Ideas to Implementation)

OTEN (Distance Ed) Course Notes (ZIP/PDF)

MHS Physics Half Yearly


Software Summary Notes

Powerhouse Museum Lexicon Project


Main Notes


Mathematics Ext1 3U


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  1. Been reading your blog and It’s quite encouraging to read some of the stuff that you’ve posted.

    For example: thinking about the environmental impacts that the HSC has…. that’s awesome!

    Furthermore, judging by the comments, I’m sure that people appreciate that you’re sharing your notes for free rather than charging for them. It’s really helping out the year 12 community 🙂

    1. Thanks! Hope your HSC went well. I don’t see the point in charging for it. It would have been wasted putting all that effort in and not sharing it.

  2. Can you please put the in2 physics HSC textbook back up, I didn’t save it when it was up previously and it has been dearly missed

    1. Sorry but I got a copyright takedown notice from Pearson education. You’ll have to try and find it somewhere else (and I’m guessing that’s not your actual email either), nothing I can do to help there, sorry.

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