Software Design

Year 11 [Prelim]

My prelim project was to create a program that would take one or more files/folders of images and resize them converting them to various formats along the way as desired.

Hoi folks, thanks for having a geeze at my Major Project. Pretty much, use it and try and break it. Tell me how usable it is and what problems you came across, what could be made better, etc.

Just MSN me. But for now, download it below. You will need to extract it and then run setup


Note: This version is outdated.

Year 12 [HSC]

My major project for the HSC course is the creation of a fairly simple and easy to use CMS/blog type software written in Python around the Django web framework. It is designed so that even those with little experience can start their own blog/website. It is written with the Mudgee High School SRC as the original user however I feel that I may adapt it for more general use and even use it myself on this blog 🙂 and do away with WordPress.

Keep your eye on this space for a download link!

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