MHS 2010 Trial Paper 1

MHS 2010 Trial Paper 1

Unfortunately, I had the answers, on a hard drive that’s about two computers in the past. And it’s gone walkabout since then

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  1. hi, this link doesn’t seem to be working so could you please send me the mhs trial paper and you answers please? and would you also happen to have the 2010 CSSA actual paper


  2. Ahh, shoulda asked me yesterday. I won’t have access to my answers until September which is probably too late for you. Check that link again, I updated it. Hopefully it should work for you now.

    Which CSSA paper are you referring to? The CSSA trials?

  3. oh its okay about the answers, i just need a lot of practice on the unseen texts because i am really bad at them and keep running out of time

    and yeah, i was referring to the CSSA trials, because i was assuming you had them because you have answers for them

    thanks anyway for the MHS!

    1. Ahh right, didn’t notice that I hadn’t put up the questions. Sorry, but I suspect that I lost them in my post-HSC clean up. I guess the answers give you some idea as to what to do. Once again, I’ll try and hunt them down but September will probably be too late for you?

  4. Hey thanks so much for the msh general maths 2010 trial past paper, I was wondering if you could please send the answers asap, i know this is like a year later when you posted it but I’m in year 12 now and have my trials this wednesday so please if it was possible thank you!

    1. Ahh, it’s been a long time. I couldn’t find them anymore. But you can always ask your teachers to check for you I guess?

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