National Computer Science School 2010

Alright, so NCSS 2010 is over and I’m a bit bored so I thought that I might update this blog with a summary of NCSS 2010 cause I can see that people are hitting this website a fair bit trying to download photos (I can also see the server failing). It’s also a good chance to procrastinate and not do study. So I thought I might break this post up into entries and do a sort of diary. I’m not much of a blogger.


  • Rice
  • The Final Countdown
  • James Curran James Curran James Curran
  • She’s in the mafia!
  • Double Facepalm!
  • Arbitary
  • Doubletap (in both the iPhone sense and the zombie sense)

Day 1:

So, I arrived at USyd a bit late cause dad couldn’t manage to get into Women’s College and park so we had to park a fair bit off and then I had to lug my stuff over to Women’s. Entering the dining hall there was quite a big line for registration. James did his usual thing with the guessing of names and we got all of our stuff including our NCSS ’10 shirts! James did the introduction thingy telling the parents what their children were about to do for the next 10 days and what they would get back after the 10 days and the all nighter.

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