Hey folks! Name’s Jamie Kennedy and I’m a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student at the most awesome University of Sydney (aka Hogwarts both inside and out). Yes, I know, Liberal Studies just makes it sound so much more “wanky-bollocks” (Watts, J. 2008) but it allows a far greater degree of flexibility with the option of a third major as well as not having to do a lot of compulsory subjects (accounting, finance etc). I’m majoring in Finance, Commercial Law, and Government and International Relations.

HSC (2010)

I attended high school at Mudgee High School in a small town of around about 8500 people. I completed my HSC at Mudgee High School in 2010 along with the rest of the cohort of approximately 120 others (many of whom are now at Uni, primarily Wollongong, Newcastle and Charles Sturt). For my HSC, I studied English (Advanced), Mathematics (2U), Extension 1 Maths (3U), Economics (via the Dubbo School of Distance Education), Physics and Software Design and Development. I pulled Band 6’s in 2U Maths and Advanced English and was only a few marks off in Economics and Software Design. I dropped Legal Studies at the end of my prelim year.

Photography Stuff

Canon 7D: It’s my second DSLR and is an upgrade from my first 500D, love the AF system on this. Personally I’m quite happy with the images that it produces and I’ll probably sit on this DSLR until I go full frame. I would want to upgrade to full frame after this camera but I can’t afford/justify that right now. I don’t think I’d buy another APS-C DSLR after this. Full frame or mirrorless.

Canon 17-55 f2.8: Upgrade of my kit lens to a fixed aperture walk around lens. Damn sharp and lovely colours, all the reviews online rave about it and I can see why now.

Canon 70-200 f2.8L: Love this lens, got it for super cheap and great for sports, birds, even the odd landscape.

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