Holy Snow!

Well who would believe it? The middle of October and it SNOWED IN MUDGEE!!! Snowed during spring in a town in the central tablelands. This sort of event doesn’t happen that much and in the 15 odd years I’ve lived in this place, has only happened ONCE before, unfortunately, I wasn’t home at that time to see it but I have photos!

However, this time, I was home, studying actually. And this time I did see it. I wouldn’t really call it “snow” in the traditional, ground being covered in white sense but it gets close enough considering my location.

This photo, was taken about 8:50 today, Sunday the 17th October 2010 from outside my bedroom door.

And this photo was taken yesterday, at about 8:45am, Saturday the 16th of October 2010. Obviously it was a close up shot but I was standing in basically the same spot.

Admittedly you can’t see THAT much but it’s enough to demonstrate the point. I would have liked to have spent more time outside getting photos but a) it wasn’t cold enough that the snow would remain in its icy form when it hit the ground – it would just melt b) IT WAS FREAKING COLD – I was still in my pyjamas (and dressing gown :P) c) I really, really had to study for Hamlet….

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